Thursday, July 12, 2012

Social Network Posting Times

Quick post!

For those of you who are promoting yourself (indie author, traditional author, or otherwise), I thought you might find this interesting (thank you, Jessie Harrell, for sending this out)! crunched the numbers for us, and posted some optimal times for sending out tweets, updating statuses, etc. so we can reach the most people/see the most impact.

•    Post 9am-3pm ET, Monday through Thursday
•    Especially post 1-3pm ET, Monday through Thursday
•    Avoid posting after 8pm ET during the weekends
•    Avoid posting after 3pm ET on Friday and at all on weekends

•    Post 1-4pm ET during the week
•    Especially post midweek 1-3pm ET
•    The very best time is Wednesday at 3pm ET
•    Avoid posting between 8pm ET and 8am ET during the week
•    Avoid posting on weekends

•    Post from 4pm ET onward
•    Especially post from 7pm-10pm ET onward, with Monday and Tuesdays
being good
•    Post on Friday evenings

The full report/analysis can be found here.

Knowledge is Power!