Friday, October 30, 2015

On Passion

Love Message

"Passion that goes beyond the natural measure of love ultimately aims at the mystery of becoming whole, and this is why one feels, when one has fallen passionately in love, that becoming one with the other person is the only worthwhile goal of one's life." 

"The Process of Individuation"
M. L. von Franz
Man and his Symbols
Carl Jung et al

Sunday, October 18, 2015


I am learning there are as many sides to a story as there are people involved.

My daughter is studying the American Revolution, and a few of her assignments have been to read various accounts of events that unfold.

It's kind of amazing to me how two people can perceive the same event in entirely different ways.

I mentioned in a previous post that I'm dealing with a family issue (we're all dealing with those, I'm sure). Of course, I have an opinion. However, because it doesn't directly involve me, I'm choosing to stay as neutral as possible. As "Switzerland," I get many sides to the same story.

This has been eye-opening for me as a writer. Because I got it--I just didn't get it (if that makes any sense at all).

No two people can ever tell the same story.

Something worth thinking about. :)


Friday, October 2, 2015


So sorry for the radio silence!

There's actually some family member drama that's eating away at my spare time (what little I have). You know how that is, right? :)

I do want to pass this blog post from Seth Godin on, though (love him!). It's all about failure.

The key takeaway:

"Stop engaging with the false theory that the best way to stop feeling like a failure is to succeed. Thinking of one's self as a failure is not the same as failing. And thus, succeeding (on this particular task) is not the antidote." 

Be Brilliant!