Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stepping Away for a Bit

Just dropping in--

Yes, the blog is quiet this week. For good reason, though. The next two weeks are kind of crazy with the day job (lots of late nights), and every moment I'm not working is spent editing the last Guardians book. It's slow going right now, and I'm probably going to be tied up until next week, too.

If I stumble across something amazing to share, I'll stop by, but if I go on a hiatus without leaving a note for you guys, I'll start to feel guilty. Check the Twitter sidebar for news/links, because I'll still be posting/retweeting things. 

Don't forget that The Book Hookup is giving away a copy of Cross My Heart! Contest ends at the end of the month. If you've already read CMH and want to read one of my other books instead, we can arrange that, too.

Otherwise, have a great week/weekend!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Quick post!

Ana at The Book Hookup posted an interview with yours truly today. Some *seriously* insightful questions, and so much fun to answer! We're also giving away a free e-copy of CROSS MY HEART! Comment before Feb 29 to win!

Today is also the official release day of IN HIS EYES, the Indelibles' e-anthology. 

I finished reading it over the weekend, and WOW, you guys! There are some great stories here (based on some books I've moved to the top of my TBR pile). It's FREE on Smashwords, so go forth and download.

And, if you love Seth and Genesis (THE GUARDIAN), check out "In The Beginning," which tells the story of Carter and Genesis's car accident from Seth's POV.

Otherwise, have a fantastic day! :)


Saturday, February 11, 2012

E-Reads for your Valentine's Day!

Here's a Valentine's Day trivia question for you.  
What's more romantic than a sizzling love story?


That's right.  If you're in search of the perfect Valentine's Day gift, look no further, because I'm about to point you in the direction of some dreamy books.  Whether you gift her a collection of e-books or wrap one special paperback up in pretty paper with a single red rose on top, you're bound to score BIG POINTS on Valentine's Day with these novels.

Also, look for IN HIS EYES, an anthology from The Indelibles,
featuring love stories from the swoon-worthy guys from our novels
arriving on V-Day!