Friday, February 3, 2012

January Sales Numbers

All right, peeps!

It's that time again! Crunching January numbers for the curious.

The grand total is:


In January, Cross My Heart sold 1,926 Amazon US copies, 397 Amazon UK copies, 32 Amazon DE copies, 3 Amazon FR copies, and 278 BN copies for a total of 2,636, or 85.03 books per day.

The Guardian sold 391 Amazon US copies, 9 Amazon UK copies, 3 Amazon DE copies, and 30 BN copies for a total of 433, or 13.9 books per day.

Vendetta sold 270 Amazon US copies, 6 Amazon UK copies, 1 Amazon DE copy, and 22 BN copies for a total of 299, or 9.6 books per day.

So, it looks like sales are holding steady since Christmas (and up a bit, this month). At the beginning of the month I was *finally* gaining traction on Barnes and Noble. I had double digit CMH sales daily for the majority of the month (peaked at 18). It started slowing down by the last week, though, so I'm not sure where it will go from here.

Cross My Heart sales are up from December, The Guardian and Vendetta are slightly down.

Here's some new information, too. I was curious about my series read-through rate (how many people who purchase The Guardian go on to buy Vendetta. For the month of January, my rate was 69%. There are *so many* different factors involved, though (when the book was purchased, how long it takes the reader to finish, etc.), so I also calculated my lifetime read-through rate. This number is 50%. This means that half of the people who read The Guardian eventually read Vendetta, which is awesome. (Some little birds have thrown 40% out as a strong percentage for read-throughs, so I'm really happy to hear mine is consistent with this.)

I also have a new outlet to add to the mix. Cross My Heart is officially available via the iBookstore, so we'll see how February goes. Hopefully I'll have some new numbers to report. (I'm new to the iProducts, so I'm not even sure what kind of market share Apple has at the moment, or what to expect.)

And finally—ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS: a *HUGE* thank you to everyone who's purchased, read, reviewed, and rated my books. You guys are the ones keeping me in the "public eye," and I'm forever thankful for amazing readers. :)