Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Just enjoying the view!

Trying to unwind. Mellow. Whatever you want to call it.

Thinking about which project I want to tackle next.

Also . . . CELEBRATING what has turned out to be a STELLAR sales month thanks to ALL of YOU! And Cross My Heart, which is once again playing around with the Teen Top 100!

I have a litany of links to provide, some freebies to post, and some highly recommends (i.e. what I've been reading). So . . . expect the regularly scheduled blog posts to return soon! :)



Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh, And Another Thing. . . .


One more project is live! (This is the last one for a while--promise.) Since the trilogy is complete, I thought . . . why not release a three-in-one? So . . . here you go! The entire Guardian trilogy, plus the short story "In the Beginning" (Carter and Genesis's accident told from Seth's point of view) AND an interview with yours truly, where I answer your most burning Guardian-related questions (um, at least I hope they're burning questions. . . don't know.)

If you missed Saturday's announcement: Yes, Revelation is officially live.

I'm also blogging today at the Indelibles. I'm talking Letting Go and Moving On.

As for me? I'm going to rest up for a few weeks. Let the brain meats simmer for a bit before starting something new. Because YES, I *always* have something new in the works. :D


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Revelation Links are LIVE!

Hi Y'all!

I just wanted to pop in to let you know that the REVELATION links are officially LIVE! But then--um--some of you seem to know that, because you've already downloaded it! (Eek!)

I'm still waiting on the new covers to show up on Amazon. Nook customers--you're good to go! I'm hoping to get them on iTunes soon, too (read: the coming weeks).

Also, in case you haven't noticed, THE GUARDIAN has dropped from $2.99 to $.99 for a while (I'm not sure how long--but if you were on the fence about trying it, it might be worth the risk--who knows? I try not to judge.) :)

So . . .this is it! I would LOVE to hear what you think. Feel free to drop me a line (katiekleinwrites@yahoo.com). And always: would love any ratings/reviews/stars you're willing to give. I've always been a "word of mouth" author (you've totally proven that with Cross My Heart), and I'm grateful for *everything* you've done to help spread the word. :)

In the meantime, I'll have another announcement to make v. soon. And please consider my web spaces still "under construction." (I still have some links/photos to fix.) :D

 Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Under Construction!

clipped images,construction,construction sign,construction signs,construction workers,cropped images,cropped pictures,digging,icons,men,men at work,people at work,persons,PNG,shovels,signs,text,transparent background,under construction,workers

I think you know what that means! So yes, I've been on the OCD side with my Guardians books. And now new covers. . . . When I was revising Revelation, I went back and re-read books one and two and realized The Guardian, especially, could use some tightening. Curse of the craft, y'all. You can always find something to improve.

So, after countless re-writes and read-throughs . . . 

I'm officially in the uploading process.

There will be a new (slightly improved--I hope) version of The Guardian going live. Revelation will be uploaded. All three are getting new covers, there will be new blog pages, web pages, and I'll be experimenting some with the prices. . . . 

So yes. 


Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words and encouragement as I worked to get this series out the door. Honestly--it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I really hope it's worth it, though, and that book three is everything you were expecting (and more!).

I'll be back as soon as I can confirm the links are live. :D

(And will try not to panic in the process.)


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May Sales Numbers

Numbers Post!

The Grand Total for May is:


Trending downward, but still: a very good month, so no complaints here!

The Guardian sold 95 Amazon US copies, 9 Amazon UK copies, 4 Amazon DE copies and 43 copies on Barnes and Noble for a total of 151, or 4.8 sales per day.

Cross My Heart sold 906 Amazon US copies, 202 Amazon UK copies, 62 Amazon DE copies, 4 Amazon FR copies, 1 Amazon IT, 1 Amazon ES, 194 copies on Barnes and Noble, and 45 copies on iTunes, for a total of 1,415 copies (or 45.6 sales per day).

Vendetta sold 77 Amazon US copies, 2 Amazon UK copies, 2 Amazon DE copies, and 18 copies on Barnes and Noble for a total of 99 (or 3.1 sales per day).

Lots of great things are happening. Looking forward to releasing the final installment of The Guardian trilogy (Revelation). I'm *so* glad to have this series finished—you have no idea. :D

I have one final read-through of the entire series left to do this week. 

Otherwise, it's formatted and ready to go! Hopefully I'll have more news (links) to post by early next week (fingers crossed!).

That is all!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Facelift, Part Deaux

Hi Everyone!

I posted some covers last time I dropped in, and got SO MUCH great feedback: emails, comments, and even the Indelibles got involved! :)

What I learned super quick is that covers are so, so subjective. There was a general consensus that the covers could be "darker" to convey tone. But then it was thought that "colors" should be incorporated. The truth is: if I took everyone's suggestions into account, I could have easily made a dozen different covers. So, what I tried to do is take the best of the ideas and mush them together, while keeping the general "feel." I played around with several new ideas (such as a black background), but in the end, this has to look good as a thumbnail--some suggestions worked, and some didn't.

Also, there was some discussion of it not looking "YA" enough. Truth be told: I wasn't going for a full-out YA feel for these. Some of the content of the books (violence + language) is definitely for the "upper YA" crowd. In fact, I'm thinking my books fall solidly into this emerging "New Adult" category (with 17-21 year old protagonists) that keeps getting thrown around. 

So . . . .

Same image, "bigger" flowers and text, a splash of color. . . .

And . . . the moment you've been waiting for (based on the number of blog hits I get each week asking about The Guardians, Book Three):


Genesis Green's life is unraveling at the seams. The Council has stripped her protection, Viola has taken Seth, and she and Carter have fled South Marshall. When an opportunity to save her fallen angel arises, she'll have one chance to find and eliminate the most powerful demon walking the earth.  

Enter Luke Castellani—charming, dangerous, compelling—someone who can give Genesis everything she desires.

With her life (and soul) on the line, the greatest, final sacrifice will be made to put an end to the evil threatening her world. 


It's getting real close, y'all! Stay Tuned!