Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May Sales Numbers

Numbers Post!

The Grand Total for May is:


Trending downward, but still: a very good month, so no complaints here!

The Guardian sold 95 Amazon US copies, 9 Amazon UK copies, 4 Amazon DE copies and 43 copies on Barnes and Noble for a total of 151, or 4.8 sales per day.

Cross My Heart sold 906 Amazon US copies, 202 Amazon UK copies, 62 Amazon DE copies, 4 Amazon FR copies, 1 Amazon IT, 1 Amazon ES, 194 copies on Barnes and Noble, and 45 copies on iTunes, for a total of 1,415 copies (or 45.6 sales per day).

Vendetta sold 77 Amazon US copies, 2 Amazon UK copies, 2 Amazon DE copies, and 18 copies on Barnes and Noble for a total of 99 (or 3.1 sales per day).

Lots of great things are happening. Looking forward to releasing the final installment of The Guardian trilogy (Revelation). I'm *so* glad to have this series finished—you have no idea. :D

I have one final read-through of the entire series left to do this week. 

Otherwise, it's formatted and ready to go! Hopefully I'll have more news (links) to post by early next week (fingers crossed!).

That is all!