Sunday, June 3, 2012

Facelift, Part Deaux

Hi Everyone!

I posted some covers last time I dropped in, and got SO MUCH great feedback: emails, comments, and even the Indelibles got involved! :)

What I learned super quick is that covers are so, so subjective. There was a general consensus that the covers could be "darker" to convey tone. But then it was thought that "colors" should be incorporated. The truth is: if I took everyone's suggestions into account, I could have easily made a dozen different covers. So, what I tried to do is take the best of the ideas and mush them together, while keeping the general "feel." I played around with several new ideas (such as a black background), but in the end, this has to look good as a thumbnail--some suggestions worked, and some didn't.

Also, there was some discussion of it not looking "YA" enough. Truth be told: I wasn't going for a full-out YA feel for these. Some of the content of the books (violence + language) is definitely for the "upper YA" crowd. In fact, I'm thinking my books fall solidly into this emerging "New Adult" category (with 17-21 year old protagonists) that keeps getting thrown around. 

So . . . .

Same image, "bigger" flowers and text, a splash of color. . . .

And . . . the moment you've been waiting for (based on the number of blog hits I get each week asking about The Guardians, Book Three):


Genesis Green's life is unraveling at the seams. The Council has stripped her protection, Viola has taken Seth, and she and Carter have fled South Marshall. When an opportunity to save her fallen angel arises, she'll have one chance to find and eliminate the most powerful demon walking the earth.  

Enter Luke Castellani—charming, dangerous, compelling—someone who can give Genesis everything she desires.

With her life (and soul) on the line, the greatest, final sacrifice will be made to put an end to the evil threatening her world. 


It's getting real close, y'all! Stay Tuned!