Monday, May 28, 2012


The cool thing about being Indie (and running this whole dang show), is that I make all of the decisions. There's freedom in that. I can gauge what's working, what isn't, and experiment to my heart's content. 

That said, the Guardian Books are getting a facelift. It's not the first one, and it probably won't be the last one (forever's a long time, you know).

Even so. . . .

What do you think? Yes? No? Maybe so?

Because freedom is good, but feedback is better. :D


  1. Hi Katie - Doing a cover refresh seems like a great idea. Fun! If I may offer a couple of suggestions:
    1. Zoom in. The fonts are a little small and hard to read on the screen. The beautiful detail on the illustration doesn't pop because it is too fine.
    2. I like how in the original covers the vibe is the same, but the colors are different. Could there be more variation in the images? Rosebuds in the first, blossoms in the second? Different color roses? Or? A little something to make the covers more distinct from each other could be good.
    All the best!

  2. Thanks, Bethany!

    I'll definitely play around with the size. :D

  3. I think they look awesome!
    Here are my suggestions (ha!): Leave the flowers on the bottom on both. Make the flowers at the top of Vendetta the same as The Guardian so that you can move the title up. IMO there's too much space above it. (I wondered if that was because it was right next to The Guardian, so I covered the first book up and I still think there's too much space.) Either make the A Guardians Novel bigger or get rid of it. I actually don't think you need it if you're doing Volume One, Volume Two at the top - the covers look similar enough that people are going to know they're the same series and you've already told them what order they go in.
    LOVE the font.:)

  4. Thanks so much, Stacey! I might be going back to the drawing board. We'll see. :)

  5. Oh love them! I do think they need a bit more separation, if in different flowers (as suggested) or maybe colors like the current version of the covers.

  6. Thanks, Jon! I'm keeping the original idea, and maybe going a *tad* darker. There were so many great suggestions!

    Mr. Klein suggests colors, too, so I know what I'll be doing this weekend. :)