Friday, July 6, 2012

June Sales Numbers

Hi Everyone!

The June numbers are in! The grand total for this month?


This is quite a jump from last month (1,665). There are a few factors at play here. First, I released two new books: the third (and final!) novel in The Guardians Trilogy, and a three-in-one mid-month. I also re-released the first two books with new covers, and I dropped the price of The Guardian to $.99.

BUT, Cross My Heart surprised me. By the second week of June I was starting another run, and by the end of the month I was doubling the number of sales per day from May. I have no idea what contributed to this. Amazon algorithms? Teens at home for the summer looking for things to read? People traveling? Also, I sent Mr. Klein trolling for thieves, and he spent the first part of the month emailing sites to remove pirated copies of my books. (Thank you, Mr. Klein!)

So . . . a lot of things were going on when I started to see the increase, and it's hard to pinpoint what, exactly, happened to account for this upswing (I haven't done any marketing, so it's nothing I did—sorry!). I am back in the Teen Top 100, though (as of this posting). This means CMH spent a total of 162 days in the Top 100 since it was released last March. (YAY!)

BUT, there were a few other surprises. iTunes really picked up mid-month, and toward the end of the month I went from averaging ten sales a week to ten a day.

BUT, Barnes and Noble also picked back up. I noticed this at the beginning of the month, and the numbers got higher every day. In fact, I had the best BN month on record (the next best months were December/January (2012). I'm assuming they're doing something over there (playing with the algorithms and/or their "also boughts" lists?) Whatever it is, it's working.

And now, breaking it down:

In June, The Guardian sold 146 Amazon US copies, 8 Amazon UK copies, 1 Amazon DE copy, 112 copies on Barnes and Noble, and 6 copies on iTunes, for a total of 273 (or 9.1 sales per day).

Cross My Heart sold 1,449 Amazon US copies, 128 Amazon UK copies, 41 Amazon DE copies, 1 Amazon FR copy, 488 copies on Barnes and Noble, and 196 copies on iTunes for a total of 2,263 (or 75.4 sales per day). 

Vendetta sold 72 Amazon US copies, 1 Amazon UK copy, 1 Amazon DE copy, 48 copies on Barnes and Noble, and 2 copies on iTunes for a total of 124 (or 4.1 sales per day).

Revelation, the final book in the series, went live around June 16. It sold 149 Amazon US copies, 3 Amazon UK copies, 2 Amazon DE copies, 62 copies on Barnes and Noble, and 2 copies on iTunes for a total of 208 (or 14.8 sales per day—from release).

The three-volume Trilogy was also released (priced at $8.99), and went live around June 18. From that date, it sold 12 Amazon US copies, 2 Amazon UK copies, 2 Amazon DE copies, 10 copies on Barnes and Noble, and 1 copy on iTunes for a total of 27 (or 2.25 sales per day).

Last year June and July sales were pretty good, but I went on a downswing through fall, so it will be interesting to see what happens toward the end of this month—if Cross My Heart hangs on, and if the $.99 price point helps push The Guardian out there and what (if anything) carries over to August and September.

Bottom line? You can't predict trends or sales numbers. Expect fluctuations from month to month (this latest CMH run was a *huge* surprise). Some months will be better than others, but ebooks are forever. Get them out there, let them do their thing, and start working on the next one.

And ALWAYS: thank you so much for the purchases, ratings, reviews, emails, and tweets! :)