Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Links!

Hi Guys!

I'm passing on a few links today. 

1. First is the link to Stephanie Laurens's Romance Writers of America 2012 Keynote Address, given yesterday (July 26) in California. I'm linking this because she discusses the different pathways one can take as an author, and how online publishing is changing the most important connection in the process (author to reader). 

Love this quote:

"Another point: what is the definition of success in our business? Recently I've heard some contend that success for an author is getting published. Really? Getting published is you handing your manuscript over for transmittal - how can that be success? No - we're entertainers, and as an entertainer's success is measured by their box office draw, our success is measured by the number of readers lining up to buy our next book. Not the book that just went out, but our next book. Our success is measured by the size of our already captured audience."

The rumor coming out of the conference (going on now) is that self-pubs will soon be eligible for membership to RWA if they've reached a certain point in earnings. The number I've heard thrown around is $5,000. 

2. Also, Konrath posted a great blog a few weeks ago, Zero Sum, where he discusses ebook pricing and how, even if the "bestsellers" start lowering their ebook prices, it means readers have more money to spend on (indie) books.

Quote: "If all ebook prices came down, more ebooks would be sold across the board."

3. Gossip coming out of the publishing industry these last few weeks: Penguin has acquired Author Solutions (the king of vanity presses?). Why this is bad. And why this is bad.  

Finally, authors can upload their books directly to Kobo, now (Kobo Writing Life). I'm not sure how big the Kobo market share is at this point, but I went in last weekend and uploaded my books, anyway. 

Let me just say: this is the easiest publishing interface I've used so far. The downside? I'm still waiting for Cross My Heart to publish (after one week). The others were up within a couple of hours. So . . . I may have to go in and re-publish this weekend. Still, it's a small sacrifice to reach potential readers. :)

That is all!

Enjoy your weekend!


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