Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Links!

I am SO behind on the links, you guys, so if you've already seen these, I'm sorry for not being ahead of the curve (or at least curving with it). If you haven't, though, here are some indie-related/publishing links you may find interesting. 

1. First, a post from the always fabulous Kris Rusch: The End of the World as We Know It

Quoting: "So I would think that point 4, the point no one in traditional publishing really wants to think about—not the Scott-Turow type bestsellers, not the writers who are too frightened to leave their publishers, not the editors, reviewers, traditional publishing executives, and CEO of publishing companies—is that selling an indie book is more profitable and better business for the writer."

2. Another post by Kris: Hurry Up. Wait.

If you're on the fence about traditional vs indie publishing, this post breaks down the benefits/cons of both. 

Quoting: "So indie writers who promote their book instead of writing the next book are wasting their time. The more books you’ve written, the more books you’ll sell."

And: "So the key is to give readers what they want. What do they want? Good stories. And the readers will differ as to which of your stories are 'good.' So give the readers a lot of stories to choose from. That’s what traditional publishers do. That’s why they release a new set of books every month. Because they’re giving the readers a choice all the time. You have to do that too, no matter how you publish the books."

3. There are a few ebook/readership-related projections this article: What Will the Global eBook Market Look Like By 2016?

Spoiler Alert: PricewaterhouseCoopers is projecting 50% ebook readership. Not a bad number. :)

That is All! 

(Not Really--I have so many "starred" links in my inbox it's not even funny. But I'll worry about those later.)

Enjoy your weekend!


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