Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Links

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to link to a fantabulous post on The Season Blog. It's called The Tale of Two Publishing Roads and was written by Beverley Kendall. In addition to discussing the reasons she chose the self-publishing path,  she also includes some marketing strategies (i.e. what worked and what didn't).  As a teaser: Facebook/Goodreads ads don't usually fly, blog tours help, and a big giveaway (such as a free Kindle) usually draws a decent crowd.

To quote: "I still believe that on average, in the long run, talent and hard work WILL GET YOU THERE. But it won’t be fast. Not for the majority of us."

And finally, a fantastic post from Zoe Winters: "Evidence I Still Don’t Get the “Long Tail” of Indie Publishing"

Love this quote: 

"So while I would like a book to break out and I hope it does someday, it could be any book I haven’t written yet (or technically any book I have as well), there is more than one way to gain momentum. One of those ways I have control over and one of them I do not.

"I have no control over the momentum or sales velocity of a book. Yes, I can do some promotion. Yes I can drop a bunch of money on advertising, but at the end of the day if a book doesn’t catch fire, all the advertising in the world won’t change it because only the advertising will prop it up. When the advertising stops, if a book isn’t a “catch fire” book, it slows down and sells at the pace it would have sold without the ads."

The point?  

Keep Writing

That is all!


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