Tuesday, April 19, 2011

YA Indie Spotlight: Holly Hook

Hi Everyone!

Today, I'm pleased to have Holly Hook on the blog! Holly is promoting her latest YA fantasy novel: Rita Morse and the Sinister Shadow.

Fourteen year-old Rita Morse is the kind of girl that the teen-hating Shadow Regime doesn’t like. She won't put up with crap that isn’t fair. Ever. After she toilet-papers a video game store in retaliation for a ban on teens, the Regime, an army of immortals secretly trying to oppress teens all over the world, adds her to their list of threats. That’s not good, because the Regime’s enemies always disappear.

Now Rita’s in the biggest trouble of her life. She’s being stalked, threatened, and nearly kidnapped by shadow people. And the Regime isn’t the only danger: they also control countless humans around the world, some of which are much closer to Rita than she thinks. There’s nowhere to turn.

If Rita can’t learn the Shadow Regime’s reason for their war on teens—and her—she might not make it through her first week of high school. 

Rating: PG for mild violence 

About Holly
Holly Hook is also the author of Tempest and is currently working on two more young adult novels, the sequel to Tempest as well as a stand-alone comedy. 

Rita Morse and the Sinister Shadow is available for:

And at Smashwords

This novel is priced at $.99, but can be downloaded for free on Smashwords.

Holly's other novel, Tempest, was a 2010 Amazon Breatkthrough Novel Awards Semifinalist and is also priced at $.99.

I hope you'll check her out!