Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Update!

Cross My Heart has been hovering between #4,000-10,000 on Amazon for the past week. I've remained on the children's ebooks Hot New Releases list, and touched the top 100 (bestseller list!) in children's ebooks: Love and Romance.

I'm still averaging 20 books a day. 

I'm hearing that April has been slow for a lot of people, so far. There's speculation that tax day might have something to do with this. It will be interesting to see if things pick up for everyone after the 15th. 

I have noticed (and other people have mentioned this, too) that sales are slower at the beginning of the month, and pick up speed toward the end of the month, so we'll see if there's any merit to this. :)

I've also noticed that while my sales on Amazon have exploded, they've fallen on Barnes and Noble. This is something I hear about frequently over at the Kindleboards, too, especially from people with multiple titles. Last month I sold more on Nook than Kindle. It's too soon to tell how this will play out, but I'm thinking Kindle sales will surpass Nook this month.

We'll see! :)