Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A HUGE Thank You!!

Guys, I am floored this week at how you all have embraced Cross My Heart. I woke up to another 5-star ranking on Goodreads this morning, another awesome review was posted at Barnes and Noble on Sunday. . . . I've been hovering around the 10,000 ranking at Amazon all week, and the 6,000s at Barnes and Noble, and I even made the Amazon Children's Fiction "Hot New Releases" list for a while.

My goal last month (for the entire month!!) was to sell at least 100 copies, and I've already broken that in the first five days of April. I'm selling an average of 20 copies a day right now, and it's all because of YOU! 

So thank you, Indie Readers. You all Rock on so many levels. :)