Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Post-Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

Hi Y'all!

I'm back from my Thanksgiving hiatus. Am totally rested and rejuvenated, and the down time reminded me how productive I can be when I actually have time to *think* (I'm sorry, but that's been scarce lately). The good news is I was able to add 5-6k words to the WIP over the weekend. I pushed through the climax, so now I'm tying up loose ends. Then comes the best part: fixing everything I screwed up the first time around! Yay! (Editing is my favorite!) 

I also discovered Pandora. I actually have a few playlists on playlist.com, but I've heard so many great things about Pandora that I *had* to try it. Yes, I'm late to the game, but I don't think it was a coincidence that I had the most productive writing weekend ever after signing on. Am *loving* the new music. It's actually kind of creepy. I'm at the point now (based on likes/dislikes) where almost every song it suggests is an instant *like*. Will continue to sing its praises (as long as I'm being productive).

And . . . I finally saw Breaking Dawn. Two thumbs up from me. Even Mr. Klein, who is NOT a fan of sparkly vampires, enjoyed it. I just hope they don't make us wait a year for Part II. And . . . just checked IMDB. November 16th. Ugh. They *are* making us wait a year. Great. I don't know if Mr. Klein will be able to handle it. ;)

At any rate, it's the end of the month, so don't forget to check back in a few days for my November numbers. If, you know, you like that sort of thing. :)

I hope you guys had a restful holiday/weekend!