Friday, November 4, 2011

October Sales Numbers

As promised!

The Grand Total is:


During the month of October, The Guardian sold 367 Amazon US copies, 3 Amazon UK copies, 1 Amazon DE copy, and 0 Amazon FR copies. On Barnes and Noble, 26 copies were sold, for a total of 397 copies (or 12.8 sales per day).

Cross My Heart sold 884 Amazon US copies, 107 Amazon UK copies, 5 Amazon DE copies, and 0 Amazon FR copies. On Barnes and Noble, 86 copies were sold, for a total of 1,082 (or 34.9 sales per day).

Vendetta sold 250 Amazon US copies, 1 Amazon UK copy, and 0 Amazon DE and FR copies. On Barnes and Noble, 21 copies were sold, for a total of 272 copies (or 8.7 copies per day).

The total books sold came to 1,751, or 56.48 sales per day. This is up from last month's total of 1,640 (or 54.6 sales per day). Cross My Heart totals declined by two sales a day, which could mean I've hit a plateau. (This isn't *nearly* as steep of a sales drop that I saw from August to September, or even from summer to fall).  Sales for both The Guardian and Vendetta are up. The Guardian is up two additional sales per day, and Vendetta is up one additional sale per day from last month. Sales for these two books were also up on Barnes and Noble compared to last month.

I’m not a math nerd, but I put my data into an online graph generator just to see if there were trends. Here's what came back (each "dot" represents one day—there are 31).

The pink line is Cross My Heart, the blue is The Guardian, and the red is Vendetta.

I don't think there's much here to analyze. I'm a Humanities major anyway, so I'm not sure if I *could* analyze the data, even if I wanted to. (What I *can* do, however, is color coordinate my graph lines with my book covers. Score!)

The highest points for Cross My Heart are all Sundays. In two cases, there was a steep drop for Monday, and then it picked back up on Tuesday.

Otherwise, there's no rhyme or reason. At the end of the year I'm going to post a month to month graph, just for fun. I probably won't be able to analyze that, either, but it's all good.

There's really nothing else to speak of. Work continues to kick tail, and I spend the majority of my days wishing I could write full-time. Progress on the third Guardian book is steady (25k words on draft one).

If you missed my earlier post, Cross My Heart is a finalist for the 2011 Goodreads Readers Choice Awards for Best YA Fiction! It's the only indie novel in the category, and I'm up against some insanely talented (Sarah Dessen! Jenny Han! Squee!) authors. There are three rounds of voting, and the first round ends on Nov. 13. If you read/enjoyed Cross My Heart, I would *love* your support!

Otherwise, have a great weekend!