Monday, December 5, 2011

November Sales Numbers

Yes! I'm running behind this month (already!) and I'm sorry for the delay . . . but here are my November numbers for those keeping track/interested.

The Grand Total is . . .


During the month of November, The Guardian sold 394 copies. The breakdown shows that 378 of those were Amazon US sales, 5 were Amazon UK sales, and 11 were Barnes and Noble sales. There were no Amazon DE or FR sales this month. This is an average of 13.1 sales per day. This is consistent with last month's total of 397. In this case, Barnes and Noble sales fell by more than 50%, but Amazon US picked up the slack.

The sequel, Vendetta, sold 264 copies. The breakdown: 255 sales were from Amazon US, 4 were from Amazon UK, and 5 were from Barnes and Noble. There were no Amazon DE or FR sales. This is an average of 8.8 sales per day. This is consistent with last month's total of 272. Vendetta took a serious hit at Barnes and Noble (down from last month's 21), but, again, Amazon US made up the difference.

Cross My Heart sold a total of 1,094 copies. Amazon US continues to be my strongest market at 872 sales. Amazon UK looks good, though (took a while to make that overseas jump!) at 124 copies sold. Amazon DE increased as well for a total of 10 copies. Amazon FR, the newest market, surprised me with 2 sales. Barnes and Noble sales remained exactly the same (not sure how that happened!) at 86. This is a total of 36.4 sales per day, and is up from last month's 34.9 average.

The last three months' sales totals have proven I've hit a plateau.

September: 1,640
October: 1,751
November: 1,752

There's obviously no way to know how December will play out. My fingers are crossed that we'll see a jump because of travel/increasing Kindle sales. Still, it's also a *really* busy time.

It's also too soon to make *too* many predictions, but the first four days of December (when compared to the first four days of November) show that CMH sales are slightly down, but The Guardian and Vendetta sales are up.  Vendetta, actually, is way up. This time last month I had 26 sales for Amazon US, and as of Sunday night at 10:00pm, I had 45.

I'm also approaching my one-year publishing anniversary. Believe it or not, this time last year I was preparing to debut The Guardian. I was still on the fence about epubbing, and I didn't know what was going to happen with my writing career. I'll definitely do an end of the year recap, but it's safe to say that I *NEVER* thought I would hit some of the milestones I did. There are still a few weeks left of the year, but, as of November's totals, I've sold over 18,000 ebooks.

That's *insane*. Again, thank you to everyone who purchased, reviewed, rated, told friends, etc. You guys are *so* awesome!


P.S. If you're keeping track of your own sales, feel free to reply/post numbers or any trends you've seen. Link your blog posts if you're posting numbers publicly. I love to see how others are faring.