Tuesday, May 10, 2011

YA Indie Spotlight: Sam Havens

Hi Everyone!

Today I'm pleased to introduce Sam Havens. Sam is promoting his YA coming of age novel, Farr Point.

The smell of oil is in the air, and so is murder, when eighteen-year-old Eddie Tipton arrives in a small Texas town with his widowed mother in 1950.  Eddie and his teacher mother take rooms in the home of Texas oil widow, Faye Ruth Collier.  Eddie spends time with handyman Ned Cotton and soon learns that Mrs. Collier's late husband was murdered a few years earlier.  Ned Cotton warns Eddie to stay away from Faye Ruth and to ignore the murder of Lawrence Collier.  Eddie, of course, cannot resist.

Making his way in a new school, dodging the stigma of being the schoolteacher's son and succumbing to the lure of his middle-aged landlady, Eddie is embroiled in dangerous adventures on all fronts.   Also, Eddie falls in love with a bright young student named Reenie Fontenot.  And then, Eddie suffers a devastating loss, causing him to ratchet up his investigation and leading to a near fatal showdown.

RATING: PG 13 for adult situations and mild language

Sam Havens is Professor Emeritus in Drama at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. Havens founded the Drama Department where he teaches playwriting and screenwriting.  Havens has written fifteen plays with productions in the USA, Canada and Australia. His plays have been selected for showcase productions in New York City, Westport, Connecticut, Amherst, Massachusetts, and East Hampton, New York. He has received playwriting grants from the Ford Foundation and from the Texas Commission on Arts and Humanities. Three of Havens’ plays are published.

Farr Point can be purchased for:

It is priced at $.99 and the reviews look stellar. :)