Monday, May 2, 2011

April Sales Numbers

The numbers are in!

Would you be surprised if I told you that April was my best month so far? (I think I say that every month, don't I?)

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was on pace to break 500 sales for the month. (Remember: March sales totaled 235.) This would have been a stellar month for me. The end result, though, far exceeded anything I could have predicted.

The Guardian is doing okay, but Cross My Heart has clearly become my strong seller.

And the numbers are:

                The Guardian
                                Amazon US: 46
                                Amazon UK: 1
                                BN: 42
                                I sold a total of 89 copies, at 2.9 sales a day

                Cross My Heart:
                                Amazon US: 769
                                Amazon UK: 2
                                BN: 203
                                I sold a total of 974 copies, at 32.4 sales a day.

And the grand total for the month of April is: 


Saturday, April 30 was my record-breaking sales day of the month: I sold 86 books in 24 hours.

My major observation of the month included the Amazon Ranking system, and how sales beget sales. I posted about this in detail here.

My other observation:

The United Kingdom clearly does not like me (this isn't unusual for most Indies, though). UK sales are typically lower for us. Amazon also added a German Kindle store. Now Germany and Austria don't seem to like me, either.

Still, the ebook market is expanding, and Amazon seems to be at the forefront. This new acquisition of Germany and Austria gives writers the 70% royalty rates in these countries. (Most international sales fall under the 35% rate.) This, added with the rates for UK, US, and Canada, puts more money in the author's pocket, which is always a good thing. They seem to be treating authors right over there.

Finally, I am so, so very grateful for everyone who's purchased a book so far. 

I've been encouraged by your emails and the reviews you're leaving. It just confirms that I made the right choice to go out on my own like this. I just wanted to write stories, and have people read and enjoy them.

I have no idea how long this ebook phenom will last, or how long readers will let me be part of it, but I'm so thankful for the success I've experienced so far.

You guys are awesome!