Tuesday, May 3, 2011

YA Indie Spotlight: Jeanne Tomlin and Clem Daems

Hi Everyone!

Today I'm pleased to have Jeanne Tomlin and Clem Daems on the blog. They are the co-authors of Wings of Evil, a YA fantasy adventure novel. 

All her life, Liada believed the First Ones were dangerous and to be feared. That was what the Priests had taught her. They lied.

Liada learns the truth after befriending Tali, a injured and helpless creature who is also a First One. Unfortunately, the Priests will stop at nothing to keep their secrets, including eliminating Liada. Her only chance is to flee into an neighboring empire while hunted by the Priests’ winged Quag—killers of the First Ones.

Help comes in the form of a mysterious ally. But can she trust him or could he be more dangerous than all of her enemies combined?

RATING: PG-13 for thematic violence and dark themes

Jeanne Tomlin and Clem Daems have a long history of writing fantasy novels. They co-authored three novels and have authored several novels and short stories independently in a wide variety of fantasy categories: Epic, Urban, and Historical. The interesting part is that they live a thousand miles apart and have never met.

Wings of Evil can be purchased for Kindle.

Based on the reviews, it appears that this would appeal to the younger YA audience. It has been called a "light, breezy read." A few mention minor grammatical errors, but these might have been eradicated since. 

The story is priced at $.99 and the authors have a few other titles available.


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