Tuesday, May 17, 2011

YA Indie Spotlight: Barbara Bartholomew

Hi Everyone!

Today I have Barbara Bartholomew on the blog. Barbara is promoting her latest YA historical fantasy novel Princess Alice. 

Rina of Endymion, the princess who lost her magic abilities during a childhood illness, is sent by a powerful mage to change places with an alternate world Alice Roosevelt, daughter of the soon to be president of the United States. Both strong-minded young women fight a threat to their lives from an insane witch, and try to make their way back to their own worlds while Rina finds the significance of a long-time love and Alice discovers a new and magical lover.


Barbara Bartholomew has published over a dozen books for young people, including The Time Keeper Trilogy and Julie's Magic Moment, a Romance Writers of America winner for best young adult novel.

Princess Alice is a sequel to Finding Endymion. Both are available for Kindle and are priced at $.99.