Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quick Sales Update

I obviously haven't been published long enough to make any serious sales analyses, but one thing I have noticed is that each month I outsell the last. On February 1, I posted my goal for the month. I wanted to sell 50 copies of The Guardian for Nook and Kindle.

If you would have asked me the first ten days of February, I would have told you that was a huge mistake. The way sales were trickling in, I figured there's no way that would ever happen. I saw a surge after February 14, though, and that's when most of those sales blew in. I've sold eight copies in the last two days alone, which is exciting to say the least.

I am also pleased to announce that as of 3:00pm Eastern on February 23, I have met my goal, and am sitting at 50 copies this month.

Something else I've noticed: my Nook sales are up. Typically, I outsell Nook with Kindle. As of this moment, sales are dead even for both platforms.

All Smiles. . . .