Thursday, February 10, 2011

My First Review as an Indie

On the whole, I think writers are probably the most lovingly neurotic people I know. It's so easy to second guess yourself in this industry. It doesn't matter if you're a NYT Bestseller with dozens of novels under your belt, or a newbie, just putting your "baby" out into the world. 

We stress about the decisions we made, wonder if something about the plot should have been adjusted, or if the right words were used to convey the appropriate feeling; if we should have added a character/deleted a character/told the story from another character's point of view. . . . It's easy to go crazy if we let ourselves. 

The Guardian has been out for a full two months now. I caught a glimpse of what pre and post-Christmas sales could look like. At the start of February, though, I could tell things were slowing down. That's when the doubts crept in. I should have changed "this." I shouldn't have written "that." People are going to hate me. I will never make it in this industry.

And just when I think I made the worst decision ever by going indie . . .

My first review comes in.

So thank you, Vivian Marie, for assuaging my fears and the great review. It has quite literally made my day.

If you want to read the entire text, go here.

My favorite line: "Genesis continues putting her life at risk by willingly helping the Guardians, resulting in the explosive (literally) finale that will definitely leave you wanting more."

And now I will sit back and pray that reviews as great as this one continue to trickle in.

(See what I mean? There's always something to stress about.) :)