Friday, February 4, 2011

Indie EBooks Don't Count

The New York Times is now publishing an ebook bestseller list.

Indies not included.

There's some commenting going on at the Kindle Boards about this, but the reason we know that indies have been overlooked is because of Amanda Hocking, who has sold over 500,000 copies of her ebooks. She provided another number in the Kindle Forum that further proves she should be represented somewhere on the list this week, but I don't want to disclose this since the number isn't available on her blog.

As of this writing, Amanda claims two of the top 10 spots on the Amazon Kindle Bestseller list. On the Amazon Romance list, she holds four of the top 10 spots, including numbers one and two. On the children's/YA list, she claims the top three spots, and spots seven to 10. The only other books on the list are the Hunger Games novels at spots 4-6. I think it's safe to say the girl is selling some ebooks.

Rounding out the top 20 YA list, we see some other indie authors represented: Karen McQuestion, Tess Oliver, and Heather C. Hudack.

This is great news for indies: the books are priced right and reaching readers. I look forward to the day, though, when indies are "accepted" by the mainstream publishing world. At any rate, it appears the NYT Bestseller EBooks List is skewed. Do with that information what you will.