Friday, February 18, 2011

New Cover Art

I mentioned in a previous post that I am polishing something new for Kindle.

I've worked on this novel for two years, and every agent I sent it to said the same things: "it's good; I like the voice, but it won't stand out in the marketplace." Well, I'm going to let the market decide. I love this story, and these characters, and I've put too much work into this manuscript to let it sit on my hard drive withering away.

This story is different from The Guardian. It's a YA contemporary romance (which is my first love). Don't get me wrong: I love paranormal romances, but when it comes to writing I'm partial to modern teen characters dealing with real issues.

I'm not releasing the title yet, but I do want to share the image I'm using for the cover. This photo was taken by Gemma Hart over at Deviant Art. You can check out her portfolio here.

I could spend hours on that website looking at the photos and illustrations. I love creative, talented people. So thank you, Gemma, for letting me use your work!

And for the rest of you, I leave you with this: