Wednesday, March 20, 2013

News that is News but not Book News

I know! I know!

I promised book news in the "coming weeks" weeks ago, and then more weeks passed because things kept happening, and I do--I really really do have a project to release very very soon--but some things got in the way. . . . 

And I should probably just come out and say that:

I am pregnant!

And this wasn't a surprise surprise . . . not like my first, who is now seven. . . . But I found that, instead of reading and writing and working on book releases, I was just trying to DEAL.

And by DEAL, I mean my grandmother passed away the week I found out, and suddenly I was exhausted and emotional, and then I started feeling wretched--nauseous twenty-four hours a day--

**breaking here to say that I was horribly ill for seven weeks with the first**

And so I became horribly ill again. And it was bad. And then I was eleven weeks along, so I thought it would end soon.

And then I went to the doctor again and SURPRISE! I'm not eleven weeks pregnant, I'm only nine!!


So I was nine weeks pregnant, and then ten, and then eleven. . . . And then I was nine weeks, and ten weeks, and eleven weeks all over again! (Which was psychologically damning, let me tell you).

Good news is, when I was BACK to nine weeks for the second time, the nurses hooked me up with a vitamin/med combo to keep me from puking all day every day. So . . . I could sit up again! And I could stand! And walk! And I didn't feel like I was going to die anymore! And life was pretty good!

Unfortunately, the reading and the editing and the trying to prepare this book for release fell to the back burner.

(I felt like you guys might understand, though.) :)

So, I'm twelve weeks, and getting pretty fat, and drinking a LOT of milk--which I can't seem to get enough of. I'm jacked up on so many vitamins it's not even funny, but it beats the alternative (which looks a lot like "bed-ridden"). And bedtime is like, 11 o'clock now--which is strange, because I'm more of a 1am kind of gal. 

But that is me. And that's what's happening in my life. And that's why blog posts and tweets were kind of sparse for a while, and that's why--though it's so close I can FEEL it--there is no new release.

But the new release is coming. . . .

I Promise! 

And then there will be ANOTHER release to prepare for--one I'm guessing will debut in late September. But first thing's first. New book. Some time to bake. Some time to mellow. Some time to let Mr. Klein do all the cooking and cleaning and actually get away with it. . . . And lots of milk to drink, apparently, because if I don't drink milk, I will die. Of this, I am certain. :)

That is all. :)