Friday, November 9, 2012

October Sales Numbers

The grand total for October is:


The Guardian
            Amazon US: 1067, Amazon UK: 10, Amazon DE: 1, BN: 78, iTunes: 18                   
                Total: 1,174           (37.8 sales per day)

Cross My Heart
            Amazon US: 1,063, Amazon UK: 367, Amazon DE: 46, Amazon FR: 9, BN: 329, 
            iTunes: 488, Kobo: 62
               Total: 2,364       (76.2 sales per day)

            Amazon US: 576, Amazon UK: 5, BN: 32, iTunes: 5                     
                Total: 618         (19.9 sales per day)
            Amazon US: 525, Amazon UK: 3, BN: 34, iTunes: 5                     
                Total: 567         (18.2 sales per day)

            Amazon US: 35, Amazon UK: 2, BN: 15, iTunes: 7                     
                Total: 59           (1.9 sales per day)

No analysis this month. 

Still in a fall "slump," (which I hear is happening to a lot of people right now). Even so, am "slumping" higher this year than I did last year (more people w/ access to e-readers this year!). The decline wasn't *quite* so dramatic this month, so that's nice. 

The sales, they ebb and flow. All is well. :D

Otherwise, gearing up for the holidays!

Am still in "giveaway" mode, so keep an eye out for future posts!