Monday, October 3, 2011

September Sales Numbers

Here it is! (My monthly recap!)

And the Grand Total for September is:


Let's Break it Down, shall we?

From Sept 1- Sept 30: 

The Guardian sold 293 Amazon US copies, 12 Amazon UK copies, 0 Amazon DE copies, and 16 copies on Barnes and Noble for a total of 321 copies, or 10.7 sales per day (this is up from last month's 7 sales per day).

Vendetta sold 190 Amazon US copies, 8 Amazon UK copies, 0 Amazon DE copies, and 15 copies on Barnes and Noble for a total of 213 copies, or 7.1 sales per day (this is up slightly from last month's 6 sales per day).

Cross My Heart, which has traditionally been my big seller is down again this month, but I still managed 914 Amazon US copies, 95 Amazon UK copies, 6 Amazon DE copies, and 91 copies on Barnes and Noble for a total of 1,106, or 36.8 sales per day (this is down from last month's 62 sales per day).

My best Cross My Heart month this year (by far) was June (114 copies per day!). Still, with all of the changes being made at Amazon, I'm very pleased that I'm still maintaining thirty sales a day. (I've been hovering between the 2 and 3k ranking on Amazon, if you're curious.) Right now, I've slipped off two bestseller lists (still remaining on the Love and Romance lists), and I show up on the "Top Rated" list sporadically.  

I did a little pricing experiment this month. For approximately two weeks, The Guardian was listed at $.99. I know you're supposed to price your book and hold it for a while, but after two weeks of no change in sales/ranking, I decided I like royalties more than high sales. (For the record, The Guardian priced at $.99 sold 9 copies a day, and at $2.99 sold 10 copies a day.)   Remember that, if you price your ebook below $.99 on Amazon, you're subject to the 35% royalty rate (instead of 70%). To put it in perspective, you have to sell 6 copies of a book at $.99 to equal 1 at $2.99.

September *flew* by, you guys! I'm not sure how October will go, but with the new Kindles (and the Kindle Fire!) available from Amazon, I'm really interested in November, December, and January. This will be the first full holiday season I've experienced, and I'm curious to see if it will be as great as everyone says it is.

In the meantime, thank you *so much* for the emails, the tweets, the comments, the reviews, and the ratings! Amazon algorithms are nice, but books are reader-driven, too, so thank YOU for getting the word out. Always. :)



  1. Good for you, Katie. Hope your sales continue to increase.

  2. Woot! Hope your sales continue to climb!! I did a blogpost on my September sales (I just indie pubbed a YA contemporary on the 6th of Sept). Through Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, and Createspace I sold an even 80, which I was THRILLED about, because I told myself 50 in my first month would be very good! Thank you so much for sharing your numbers!

  3. Thanks, Doug! And Congrats, Elizabeth!! :)

  4. Congrats, Katie! So glad September was better than August. Blech!

    And it's interesting that Cross My Heart is still selling such gangbusters (though I'm not surprise, because I love it!). I wonder if YA fantasy has a smaller market share in the self-pubbed world for some reason...? I have a YA fantasy that I've been torn about putting up. Might have to monitor things a bit more before deciding.

    Anyway, those numbers are fantastic. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop!

  5. Thanks, Julia!

    I don't know about YA fantasy (high fantasy?), but there are *SO MANY* urban and paranormal books out there. In fact, a lot of the Top 100 YA Indies are paranormals priced at $.99 (usually the first in the series). That's not to say that one won't be the "break-out," but the paranormal/urban fantasy market feels pretty crowded to me. There's more to choose from, and I think that, without promotion, it's easy for these titles to get lost. My $.02 (obviously not worth much, but this is what I've seen/experienced). My urban fantasies have picked up every month, but at a MUCH slower rate than Cross My Heart did. :)