Wednesday, March 23, 2011

YA/Indie Links

I have a couple of links for you today!
First, Vivian Marie wrote an excellent piece on why she reads/writes YA novels. I have nothing more to add, because she covers it all. The YA genre has literally exploded in the last ten years. The books available today weren't around when I was a teenager. So yeah, I'm totally writing the books I would want to read if I was a teen again. She posted her list here.
Also, J. A. Konrath posted a piece on his blog the other day: a conversation with Barry Eisler and why he turned down a $500,000 advance to self publish. It's long, but they cover a lot of misconceptions surrounding legacy (traditional) publishing. If you're on the fence, it's worth it to take a look. I'm thinking about pulling a few ideas and blogging about them in the next week or so.
You can read the transcript here.
Rumor has it that Amanda Hocking has a traditional deal in the works.
And finally, the Cross My Heart cover has disappeared from the Barnes and Noble website. You have no idea how exceedingly angsty this is making me. Here's hoping that the glitches are fixed soon, because you know I'm going to be checking obsessively for the rest of the day.
(runs to check)
Nope. Still not there.
Enjoy the links!