Monday, March 21, 2011

First Weekend Numbers

I know how much indie writers love to crunch sales numbers (it's the only time we liberal arts majors like math), so I thought I'd post the first week/weekend sales stats for Cross My Heart.

The BN Nook link went live on Tuesday, March 15th. So from March 15th to March 20th (Tuesday through Sunday), I sold 33 books for Nook and Kindle.

Twenty-eight of those copies were sold for Nook. I don't know what it is about the battle between Nook and Kindle, but some authors have explosive sales on Kindle and nothing for Nook. I seem to be the opposite. The remaining five of those CMH sales were for Kindle, and one was for Kindle UK.

I'm not quite sure how to get the Brits' attention, yet. :)

At any rate, I am *very* pleased with the numbers, and the fact that readers seem to be enjoying it (based on the ratings). 

The Guardian is still selling steadily, too. I'm on pace to break 100 overall sales for the month, but am cautiously hopeful.