Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Links

Am slowly weeding through my inbox, so if you're waiting on something from me: Never Fear!

In the meantime, am passing on a couple of links of interest:

The first is "Low eBook Pricing: The Compensation Problem," and comes from Catherine Ryan Howard. It has to do with pricing your ebook, and focuses on "earning for the long haul."

Quote: "But the point is that the money you earn from your writing is not a question of how much you make from individual sales of your work. It’s about how much that work makes in the long run, over time. And this is what you should consider when you price your book."

The next is a post by Susan Kaye Quinn. I am so in awe of her, truly. ALL of her posts are fabulous. It's called "Building Your Production Capacity." If you're a writer or other creative individual, it basically gives you permission to watch TV and stare out the window as long as you're producing work (i.e. writing, editing, and marketing).

In her words: "I continue to create craft study programs and examine bestsellers, as well as invest in publishing production capacity like social media and marketing. But I skimped on the production capacity that directly fed my creativity (reading, free writing, daydreaming). And as I get further down the writing road, I realized that this, almost as much as the writing itself, is vitally important to my writing career in the long haul."

So, go meet your word quota for the day, then pop in a good DVD. :)

That is all!


Am listening to "Time to Say Goodbye" by Sarah Brightman

(No, there's no hidden meaning in that one. Apparently my Opera Pandora Station has decided I need to hear this song once every forty-five minutes. No complaints here, though.) :)