Friday, August 3, 2012

July Sales Numbers

So, if you missed the beautiful graph from my last post, it was meant to show that you CANNOT predict ebook sales from month to month—expect highs and lows (and everything in between).  

The point? There's no need to freak if you're on a downswing: it's not necessarily "over." There's no need to freak if you haven't seen much of an upswing: you have plenty of time.

(ebooks are forever, remember?)

What I really wanted to do, though, is show off my mad graphing skills (Yes. I finally learned how to insert graphs in MS Word. Am so behind on this technology stuff, I know.)

Anyway, I also promised to post July numbers, so. . . . 

The grand total is:


The Guardian
Amazon US: 278, Amazon UK: 7, Amazon DE: 2, Amazon FR: 1, BN: 175, iTunes: 13            
Total: 476          (15.3 sales per day)

Cross My Heart
Amazon US: 3,023, Amazon UK: 183, Amazon DE: 61, Amazon FR: 8, BN: 672, iTunes: 337
Total: 4,284       (138.1 sales per day)

Amazon US: 151, Amazon UK: 3, Amazon DE: 2, BN: 67, iTunes: 1                              
Total: 224          (7.2 sales per day)
Amazon US: 275, Amazon UK: 2, Amazon DE: 1, BN: 69, iTunes: 4
Total: 351          (11.3 sales per day)

Amazon US: 18, Amazon UK: 2, Amazon DE: 1, BN: 20, iTunes: 16
Total: 57            (1.8 sales per day)

Oh, wait. You actually stopped by to see my mad graphing skills? You got it!
The following graphs are dedicated to Ana (@beingbold) at The Book Hookup  —fellow lover of pie charts. Go forth and follow her to discover new, amazing reads.

These are pretty self-explanatory, I think. Cross My Heart is my #1 seller, $3.99 is my best price point (so far), and Amazon is my number one platform.

Best sales month of my Indie career so far! (The next best month was June 2011.)

As for milestones?  

Cross My Heart slipped across the 30,000 ebooks sold threshold, and I'm just over 41,000 total ebooks sold since I began this journey! 

And now I blow dramatic kisses to all of you for purchasing, rating, reviewing, and telling your friends. CMH has always been a word of mouth book, and I can't thank you guys enough for taking a chance on me. Seriously.

And now I run off to pinch myself. (And make more graphs!!!)

Enjoy your weekend! :D