Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December Sales Numbers

Numbers are in!

For December, the final month of 2011, the grand total is:


Quite a jump from last month's 1,752, right?

Breaking it down:

The Guardian sold 444 Amazon US copies, 8 Amazon UK copies, and 20 copies on Barnes and Noble, for a total of 472, or 15.2 sales per day. Record Sales!

Cross My Heart sold 1,770 Amazon US copies, 242 Amazon UK copies, 13 Amazon DE copies, 4 Amazon FR copies, and 194 copies on Barnes and Noble, for a total of 2,223, or 71.7 sales per day. I didn't reach my June/July levels, but these numbers are definitely up from the fall, and I'm stoked about the UK record. 

Vendetta sold 307 Amazon US copies, 4 Amazon UK copies, and 11 copies on Barnes and Noble, for a total of 322 copies, or 10.3 sales per day. Record sales!

So, what happened this month? Christmas, obviously! I set a new "best sales day" record on December 25 (306 copies sold in 24 hours!), beating my previous Memorial Day Weekend record. This was enough to send me back to the Amazon Teen Top 100, where Cross My Heart has hovered for the last week.

I'm especially excited about the UK sales. I read somewhere that more than 2 million Kindles were sold in the UK during the holiday season. I'm thinking we'll all see an increase across the pond this year.

Last year, most Indies had a strong December and January before it slowed back down in February. I'm sure sales will level, but if there's one thing I've learned this year: you can't predict anything, so don't even try.

My resolution for 2012? Enjoy the ride. :)

I hope you had a restful holiday!