Tuesday, July 19, 2011

YA Indie Spotlight: P. J. Hoover

Hi Everyone! 
I have another YA Indie Spotlight for you! Today, I'm pleased to feature P. J. Hoover, author of Solstice.

Piper's world is dying. Global warming kills every living thing on Earth, and each day brings hotter temperatures and heat bubbles which threaten to destroy humanity. Amid this Global Heating Crisis, Piper lives with her mother who suffocates her more than the chaotic climate. When her mother is called away to meet the father Piper has been running from her entire life, Piper seizes an opportunity for freedom.

But when Piper discovers a world of mythology she never knew existed, she realizes her world is not the only one in crisis. While Gods battle for control of the Underworld, Piper's life spirals into turmoil, and she struggles to find answers to secrets kept from her since birth. And though she's drawn to her classmate Shayne, he may be more than he claims. Piper has to choose whom she can trust and how she can save the people she loves even if it means the end of everything she's ever known.

Solstice is P.J. Hoover's debut YA novel and is the first front-list novel to be independently published by an Andrea Brown Literary Agency author.

P. J. Hoover first fell in love with Greek mythology in sixth grade thanks to the book Mythology by Edith Hamilton. After a fifteen year bout as an electrical engineer designing computer chips for a living, P. J. decided to take her own stab at mythology and started writing books for kids and teens. When not writing, P. J. spends time with her husband and two kids and enjoys practicing Kung Fu, solving Rubik's cubes, and watching Star Trek.

"Filled with mystery, romance, and betrayal, P.J. Hoover's SOLSTICE provides a seductive mythological twist on the global warming crisis." --Joy Preble, author of Dreaming Anastasia and Haunted

"A fascinating blend of mythology, science fiction, and young passion. The plot, which is full of surprises, keeps you turning pages up to the end."

"An intense, romantic, adventurous ride through a modern world that is still controlled by the ancient Greek gods. A breathtaking page turner that leads the reader from a global warming crisis to the depths of hell. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down. . . ."

Solstice is priced at $2.99 and is available for Kindle, Nook,
and through Smashwords.
You can visit P. J. on the web here and here. She tweets as @pj_hoover.

I hope you'll check her out!