Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Few Developments

First, I am working on a DRM-free version of The Guardian. My goal is to get it posted by the weekend (fingers crossed). I actually found a few errors when I was reading through it again, which proves you should do as I say and not as I do and hire an editor. 
There's no way around DRM after you've published your book with it (see my full DRM post here), so here's the plan:

I'm going to publish the DRM-free version, and, after a few weeks, delete the old version. I'll lose my reviews and rankings, yes, so I will be starting from scratch. Since The Guardian hasn't quite taken off like Cross My Heart, I'd rather try this sooner than later, though.

Will it work? I have no idea, but I'll keep you posted if it does. Or doesn't. That way you know what to expect and whether or not to waste your time.

Second, I've seen an influx of British visitors on the blog lately. (waves!) My sales are picking up over there, and, as of this writing, Cross My Heart is on two bestseller lists. I also noticed, though, that my product tags have been shot to pieces. Cross My Heart is currently tagged with things like "paranormal romance" and "vampires."

Um, not even close. So I hope this recent influx isn't because you think I write about vampires. Not that there's anything wrong with vampires. I love them, actually, but (*spoiler alert*) neither Parker nor Jaden ARE vampires, so. . . . Yeah. That's that, apparently.

Finally, Amazon is hitting us again with a sale. I discussed what happened the last time they did this in my June Sales Report. I'm expecting similar results for the next seven days (a slip in both sales and rankings).  It's called "The Big Deal," and over 900 traditionally published books are on sale from $.99-$3.99. I scrolled through the offerings and found two YA novels I'm interested enough in to purchase, but it looks like this will be hanging over our heads until July 27.

Sales seem to be down across the board thanks to the summer doldrums (that's what I'm hearing, anyway). We'll see how things go this week, but this might be the first month where I've not broken my previous month's sales record.

I'm on pace to reach it, but it's going to come down to this Big Deal, I think.

We shall see. :)