Friday, June 24, 2011

YA News

Hi, Everyone! 

Apologizing in advance because I have no YA Indie Spotlight for you today. I'm actually knee-deep in Vendetta edits. This is the hardest round: line by line, word by word. It's *SO* time-consuming, but will be worth it in the end (I hope!).
In the meantime, there are some things going on in the YA world (both indie and trad) I wanted to speak of.

First of all, Andi Adams has an ebook out called The Clair Witch Project.

It looks so cute, and will be in my TBR pile very soon. You can follow her on twitter at @AndiAdams_YA.

YA author (and friend!) Shana Norris is releasing an ebook as well. The Boyfriend Thief will be available in July. If you've read Troy High and Something to Blog About, you know how excited I am about this. Stay tuned. (She tweets as @shananorris.)

Also, the 2009 Debutantes have news! They released the cover of their YA anthology, which will be available as an ebook this fall. Isn't it gorgeous? 

The list of contributing authors can be found here.

Finally, I have no clue what's up with all these articles about YA writers and books lately, but a new article was circulating yesterday.

The phrase that annoyed me the most? 

"Readers in Y.A. don't care about rumination."

*begin rant* As a YA writer and reader, let me just say that I'm proud of this genre, and it's getting old, the people who refuse to take it seriously. I would love to see a pro-YA article written by someone who actually READS and cares about YA novels. *end rant*

My weekend is already planned out for me. Edits. Edits. Edits. In fact, there's some chocolate ice cream in the freezer. I'm predicting it will be gone by the end of the day. :)