Monday, May 18, 2015

On the Mad Men Finale

I just want to pop in (late) and say: 

If you don't watch Mad Men, I'm sorry. 

It should be required viewing for any writer.

Great characters, great storytelling--everything done RIGHT.

That is all. :D


----Editing on Monday to add----

THIS had to be one of my favorite scenes of Peggy from the final season:

It was so well done, I didn't think we would see her anymore. But I was glad because:

Peggy + Stan Forever!!!

I might have squealed. 

I was also happy to see Joan kicking butt in her new venture, that Roger seemed to finally settle down with someone who could keep him in line, and Don Draper finally found peace.

I'm reading summaries and reviews this morning. Despite what anyone feels about the conclusion, I think this will remain one of the best series of EVER.

That is all (no, really.) :D