Thursday, May 14, 2015

Comfort Zones

So I've already mentioned I'm in the midst of a crisis.

And don't worry--thanks to a Polish psychologist named Dabrowski and his theory of "Positive Disintegration" I've totally come to realize that crisis is a GOOD thing. It's the catalyst for change. And, trust me, this change has been a long time coming.

It's not easy, adjusting a whole mindset, but I know the person I am today is not the person I was six months ago. I've completely crash landed outside my comfort zone--reading new authors and considering ideas I never would have touched before.

Trying new things.

Learning, I guess.

One thing I'm trying to be more mindful of is how much kindness I'm putting out into the world--not that I am a horrible person to be around. I just have a snarky side--one that most often comes out with those I'm comfortable with. Or, ironically, when I'm uncomfortable. Snark and sarcasm are funny--but maybe not as a permanent lifestyle.

When I'm down to my final days, I'd much rather be remembered for kindness over "caustic wit."

I guess I'm just over the whole "tearing down of others" thing. Might as well toss "conformity" and "the competition" in the mix, too.

But what I'm learning through all of this is that comfort zones are easy.

Even though I am failing all over the place, stumbling through this "crisis of being," there's progress. On my best days I can see it--feel it.

Because the "discomfort zone"--that's where the magic happens.  

Be Brilliant!