Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Kickstarter Rant

I will never understand.


And this debate has intensified in the last few weeks--boys against girls--there are new players, and, while I *SO* appreciate the female authors and others who are standing up for equality, I haven't felt the need to weigh in. . . .

Until now.

Remember Stacey Jay and this?

I hate to even bring her name into this again, because she wants peace and quiet and I totally respect that. 

But how is it fair for her to be bullied into leaving the internet and for this guy to raise over $100k to fund his next two books?

How is this fair? 

Where is the backlash? 

Because I'm not seeing it.

Eric Ries (bless him, don't know him) asked Can a Book Be a Startup?

Apparently, it can. 

So someone should tell Stacey, and someone should tell every troll who posted rude, nasty, and threatening comments over her startup.

I'm so over this. It's exhausting.

*deep breaths*

Stand up for what you believe in, people. Keep the conversation going. This can't keep happening.

It just can't.