Sunday, May 25, 2014

Top Three Favorite AI Moments

I haven't really commented on American Idol this year, just because I tend to keep my opinions to myself. I will say that I'm happy Caleb won, though I think Jena had a real chance, and both were so great that I would've been happy with either as the winner. 

I also thought the top three (+Alex) were the best--which says something about the judges and the votes, this year. . . . So . . . Yay for talented people reaching the top!

In no particular order, these are my three favorite performances from the top three contestants. 

Alex: "Say Something"

Jena: "Creep" 

Caleb: "Faithfully"

And I'm sorry, but as a bonus: There is *nothing* but chemistry between these two. At the very least, I hope they remain best friends forever.

Caleb and Jena: "It's Only Love"

That is all. :)