Thursday, March 27, 2014


I *love* being rewarded for the work I do. Especially if it's hard work. The day job (which many days I absolutely loathe) is hard work. It consumes my schedule and leaves me tiny *tiny* tidbits of writing time early in the morning and late at night.

(What it actually does is steal my time, f*** with my creative process, and leave me cranky.)

That said, I get to pick an anniversary gift for my years of service, which is all kinds of happy-making.

I'm scrolling through the options, and . . . do I go with practical? Because I really need the luggage. Or totally impractical with the brand name? (Coach, anyone?) Or the Vera Bradley set because so many people seem to have these bags and I'm like, totally not part of this club?

I will stress about this for a few days, I'm sure. Then I'll probably go with the practical. 

Even so, it's nice to be recognized. Because yeah, I'm easy like that. :)