Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August Sales Numbers

August numbers are crunched! And the grand total is. . . .


The Guardian
            Amazon US: 583, Amazon UK: 8, Amazon DE: 1, BN: 163, iTunes: 14, Kobo: 1
            Total: 770           (24.8 sales per day)

Cross My Heart
            Amazon US: 2,857, Amazon UK: 316, Amazon DE: 49, Amazon FR: 10, BN: 577, iTunes: 671, Kobo: 17
            Total: 4,497        (145.06 sales per day)

            Amazon US: 323, Amazon UK: 3, Amazon DE: 1, BN: 70, iTunes: 9                     
            Total: 406         (13.09 sales per day)
            Amazon US: 327, Amazon UK: 4, Amazon DE: 2, BN: 68, iTunes: 8                     
            Total: 409         (13.19 sales per day)

            Amazon US: 38, Amazon UK: 1, Amazon DE: 1, BN: 24, iTunes: 9, Kobo: 1
            Total: 74           (2.38 sales per day)
The $.99 price point is working really well for The Guardian, I think. It's harder to break the rankings barrier (I'm hovering around 4k on Amazon right now), but since my read-through rate is between 40-50%, this is also carrying over to Vendetta and Revelation sales. Vendetta, especially, saw a nice bump this month.

So, yes: this was a great way to say goodbye to summer! I saw a slight increase in sales from last month, which made August 2012 my all time high for Cross My Heart sales.

I'm seeing a noticeable decline in September already, though, with back to school distractions. I'm predicting a drop/plateau until November/December. Christmas is always a fun day, so, for now, all eyes are set to the holidays.

Barnes and Noble sales are still pretty strong (especially compared to this time last year). Whatever they did to their algorithms at the end of spring is paying off.

iTunes is also picking up. I can't believe I dragged my feet for so long in getting my books uploaded there. It's sad, actually.

(Remember, I never distributed through Smashwords. I've always uploaded directly.)

The additional platforms are a huge help, imo. If you're not on them yet, get moving. Spread yourself out. Even Kobo, at 1-2 sales a day, helps--and you never know when a book or platform will take off. Don't rely on Amazon or BN alone.

What else helps? More titles. Even though Cross My Heart remains my big seller, the 15-20 copies of both Vendetta and Revelation (priced at $3.99 and $4.99) sold a day are pretty nice. In the event there's ever a CMH lull, it's good to have these other titles to pick up the slack.

What's also nice? The two Trilogy copies I'm selling a day. Seriously guys: if you have a series or multiple titles, consider bundling them (add a few extras for incentive: bonus short stories, an interview or Q and A section, playlists, etc.). 

Again, this is nothing that hasn't been stated before. I'm just here to show that it works. And the truth is, there are indies out there who are blowing my sales out of the water. I've been at the indie game almost two years now, and I know I'm not an anomaly: there are plenty of authors out there doing even better than I am.

So . . . wherever you are in your journey: on the fence, at the start, blowing me out of the water . . .

More titles/options
More platforms
Good prices
That is all. ;)