Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Writing Again and a Request

I guess we're heading full-throttle into September now. It's like I blink, and weeks pass. Right now we're transitioning back to a school schedule and holding on to the last of the summer weather. The sun is leaving us earlier and earlier each night, though, so I know winter's coming. (Not my favorite season, but I like hot chocolate. And sweaters. And when it's too cold to go outside I don't feel so guilty about staying in.)

I mentioned last week that I'd spent quite a bit of time plotting book three of The Guardian series (yet to be titled). As tough as this last novel is going to be to write, I think there would be some pretty unhappy people if I just abandoned Genesis and Seth where I left them in Vendetta. Now that I have the outline of the story, though, there's nothing left to do but start writing. So, I sat down yesterday and I wrote. I wrote all 370 words of the first page. 

I know. *HUGE* progress. But I didn't want to overwhelm myself right away. I usually only put out 1,000-1,500 words a day when I'm drafting. Any more than that and my head explodes. Three hundred and seventy words is a good start, I think. And there are plenty more coming. Today, in fact.

In the meantime, I try not to put out too many "pleas" for things, but since I lost my reviews for The Guardian last month, and Vendetta is still so new, I would *Love Love Love* for anyone who's read either story (and enjoyed them!) (and is willing) to leave a review (especially at Amazon). Word of mouth is a powerful thing (you see what happened with Cross My Heart), so . . . no pressure, but if you're game, I'm grateful. (And yes, I'm through with the parentheses.) (For now.)

Stay tuned for a new YA Indie Spotlight. I plan to post one on Friday. And yes, I feel like if I go ahead and tell you, I'm more likely to follow through. I am *that* simple of a person. :)

Happy Wednesday!

(whispers: It is Wednesday, right?)