Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nerds and . . . Football?

On our wedding day, when the minister said "for better or for worse," I had no idea that "for worse" would come to include the Redskins football season.

I'm not a huge sports fan (I know you're shocked, right?). It's not the sports I mind so much. It's the getting the millions of dollars to PLAY them that bothers me. This is probably because I never played sports. Because I am not athletic. At all. I hit a baseball once or twice. Tried basketball in PE, but lacked the hand/eye coordination to actually make the shots. I wasn't fast. Dodgeball frightened me. 

I was the drama queen. I danced behind closed doors. And I was really, REALLY grateful when guys like this . . .

. . . made it cool to be a Nerd.

I like to think it worked out okay for me in the end.

Unfortunately, I married a guy with the heart of an athlete, who takes every fumble and incomplete pass personally. He is a former athlete. I'm sure football season would be much more tolerable (for both of us) were he one of the guys who gets paid millions to play it.

It's all about perspective.

The Redskins lost, by the way. 

And with that said . . . please remember me this fall and winter. Especially on Sundays. And Monday nights. And Thursdays. And Saturdays.

That is all. :)