Tuesday, July 11, 2017

On Resting

I'm noticing a pattern, and I wonder if this is something you've experienced, too:

You have one week where you are completely gung-ho about a project. You're writing (or painting, or creating) and new ideas seem to fall into your lap. You're sending out short stories and poems. Crafting new ones. Working on outlines. Drafting. Brainstorming new ideas and this lasts for days and days . . . until it stops.

And everything just pauses.

You feel like you should write (or paint, or create) but you can't. So you binge watch the Twilight movies, instead, and remember how horribly wonderful they are. . . .

Well apparently this is normal: sprint a mile, walk a mile, sprint, walk.

We need these resting periods, and should embrace them--that is, not beat ourselves up over not being "productive" because it's likely in a few days we'll hit another stride.

All that to say: It was nice reuniting with those sparkly vampires last week. ;)

Be Brilliant!