Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What Matters Most

So. . . . Things have been a bit crazy, lately.

It sort of started mid-January, when my father-in-law had a massive heart attack, underwent life-saving surgery, and spent just over two weeks in the hospital.

Since my husband is an only child, his dad moved in with us to recover when he was finally released.

We moved our master bedroom upstairs to the bonus room and made our room his. My husband makes his dad's breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Makes sure he's taking his medication. Keeps him on his diet. Washes clothes. Washes extra dishes. (A LOT of extra dishes.) Grocery shops. Cleans wounds. Tests blood sugar levels. Works with nurses and doctors.

Every. Single. Day.

It's mind-boggling how, when something like this happens, life just shifts in an entirely new, unexpected direction.

Our routine was pretty chaotic on a good day.


Let's just say I don't really remember February. 

At. All.

I think I remember Valentine's Day. But I remember two days before even more. (Because that's the day my husband brought the flowers home for me--he doesn't really like being told what to do.) ;)

That's it, though. Otherwise it's been non-stop, from morning until night, trying to keep up with our regular lives and take care of an extra person until he's on his feet again.

It's been exhausting. Every day blurring into the next.

We're grateful he's okay. And he's recovering nicely.

This experience has taught me some valuable lessons, though.

See, my husband and his dad haven't always had that great of a relationship. This isn't really something that we expect to change (even after all of this, old habits die hard).

So what I learned in February (even if I can't remember much of it) is that family matters.

So does doing what's right, even when it's hard.

That is all.