Friday, February 5, 2016

Random Thought: On Ancestry

My daughter and I have been researching our (her) heritage. It's interesting that my entire family--all the way back to the late 1700s--grew up in the same part of the state I live in now.

They were also farmers.

All of them.

Now, I tend toward the belief that we carry our ancestors with us (in both DNA and spirit).

So why do I kill Every. Plant. I've. Ever. Owned?

Do you know what would happen if I had to rely on farming to pay the bills?

I'd DIE.

ALL of civilization would die.

So thank you, farmers. 

And thank you, ancestors. For the Grit. Determination. Can't really explain how I managed to kill a CACTUS that one time, but whatever. 


P.S. My daughter grew daisies on the porch last summer. They were beautiful. I wasn't allowed to touch them. :D 

P.P.S. We came from Scotland, by the way. But I'm mostly just North Carolinian. ;)