Friday, January 15, 2016

Good Characters

I watched a movie called Bravetown a couple of weeks ago on Hulu. Lately, I find myself analyzing story structure and characters as I'm watching movies, I think to figure out where, exactly, I'm going wrong with my current WIP.

It was a good movie, overall. Sure, there were some conveniences (all of a sudden the dance team is super awesome just because of one DJ's tracks?) and some stilted dialogue (make sure the mom tells the son she never wanted him before he goes away). And the dance scenes weren't even needed, really, except that it's something to bring a small town affected by war together.
But the character development was on point for me.

Teen DJ who overdoses then is sent to live with the dad he's never met? Could've been a total asshole, yet he was a genuinely good guy. Not perfect, but he wasn't rude or mean to anyone on purpose, even the nerd. . . . It was kind of refreshing, actually.

A mom who's dealing with the combat death of her son? Could've been overdone, but there's a perfect balance between mom who's trying to keep the memory of her oldest alive and still be present for her other kids, even if she's failing miserably.

The local shrink dealing with his own PTSD? I loved that he'd rather watch soccer and eat pizza than talk about anyone's problems (especially his own). Plus, Josh Duhamel isn't exactly hard on the eyes.

A+ for good characters, a couple of tearful moments, and a hopeful ending.