Friday, November 21, 2014

Contest Winner and Another Announcement!


You're our lucky winner from yesterday's contest!
Send me an email at and we'll get your ebooks to you!

Thanks for entering! 


In other news, and this isn't exactly news if you're subscribed to my newsletter, but I've gotten *SO MANY* emails over the years about Cross My Heart not being available in print.

Well. . . .

I am pleased to announce that is no longer an issue. 


are officially available in paperback!   

What do you think?

I'll admit, I squealed a bit when they arrived in the mail.

I love ebooks, but man--there's nothing like holding a book and flipping pages and seeing every word written in physical form. 


I'm a geek, I know.  

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Otherwise, I hope you have an awesome weekend! 

Any cool plans? 

I'm trying to get as much Christmas shopping done online as I can. Also, I'm hand-drawing some note cards as an "extra" for some of the lady family members, so it will be an artsy weekend for me--a nice break, actually. :D

Be Brilliant!